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Bahrain-based EdTech startup Lumofy has announced it will provide the company’s e-learning focused solutions to help the Kingdom’s businesses and institutions accelerate their digital transformation.

All services under this new initiative will be made available for free for the coming two months. 

To ensure that organizations can leverage this unique opportunity without any hassles whatsoever, Lumofy will actively support them to streamline the process with its Employee Need Analysis. This way, the startup will increase awareness and support capacity building among the employees of all beneficiary organizations.

This is not Lumofy’s first attempt at helping Bahraini businesses better handle the challenges emanating from COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdown. In March, the startup rolled out a COVID-19 focused Workplace Awareness online course as an add on to the Bahraini government’s pandemic safety campaign. 

The success of the program could be gauged by the fact that over 1,000 participants signed up within just a couple of weeks. It was a small 10-minute, information-packed course that provided an insight into how the virus functions, how its symptoms can be properly identified, what steps to take to ensure maximum safety in the office, and other relevant topics.Commenting on the new initiative, Lumofy co-founder and CEO, Ahmed Faraj, noted: “The Covid-19 situation has allowed us to witness a major change in the way we view technology’s relationship with education. The shift to the digital world has been accelerated, and we as innovators have the adaptability to allow corporates, institutions, and governmental entities to pivot quickly, with our suite of tools.”