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Press Release.

The Bahraini leading Digital Learning Platform, Lumofy, has formed a partnership agreement with Madd to provide learning and development solutions for people with disabilities. The collaboration agreement was signed by the two entities while participating in Biban, the biggest entrepreneurship forum in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Biban is an enterprise forum where businesses can grow and influence a new generation of startups with industry leaders.

The new collaboration is aimed at paving the way for a sophisticated and interactive training experience. Catering to the diverse needs of people with disabilities and facilitating access to Lumofy’s comprehensive suite of digital training courses, thereby reinforcing Madd’s commitment to its core mission of providing critical support services and fostering inclusivity. 

Within the framework of this agreement, the two parties have committed to collaborate in delivering high-quality digital products, specifically E-training courses. The scope of this collaboration includes the provision of technical and soft skills training materials tailored to the needs of individuals with disabilities, which will be accessible through user-friendly tools. It is anticipated that this initiative will attract an estimated 100,000 participants on an annual basis.

The digital content provided by Lumofy is tailored to serve individuals with various disabilities, including visual and hearing impairments, communication disorders, and physical and health-related disabilities. This will be achieved by launching customized digital learning courses that will be made available on the Lumofy platform. Additionally, a system will be developed to manage learning content and digital stories for individuals with learning difficulties and disabilities, with the goal of creating an inclusive learning culture that incorporates accessible tools and effective methodologies. 

“Lumofy has been steadfast in its mission to support individuals with disabilities, and the collaboration with Madd is a tangible demonstration of this dedication.” According to Mr. Ahmed Faraj, Founder and CEO of Lumofy. 

 “By providing customized digital content that caters to the needs of people with disabilities, Lumofy is striving to create a level playing field that ensures equal access to educational resources for all members of society, irrespective of their abilities. This initiative is aligned with Lumofy’s unwavering commitment to promoting inclusivity, diversity, and equality in education.”  

Mr. Faraj affirmed that this collaboration will produce digital products that eliminate obstacles faced by individuals with disabilities in accessing in-demand training and development services. This initiative aims to bridge the technical divide and overcome any challenges they may encounter, thereby facilitating their development and equipping them with the necessary skills for employment opportunities.  

Mr. Faraj expressed his pride regarding Lumofy’s evolution since its inception in the Kingdom of Bahrain several years ago. Specifically, he highlighted Lumofy’s emergence as a trusted and dependable partner for a wide array of companies, organizations, and institutions throughout the region. This success is the result of a highly developed and meticulous expansion strategy that places a strong emphasis on bolstering Lumofy’s reputation and delivering innovative, high-quality services.