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In yet another major boost to the thriving Egyptian startup scene, a large gathering of local, regional, and global entrepreneurs and investors took place at Maadi on June 28, 2018. Together, they brainstormed different avenues for helping out the country’s emerging businesses through structured investment plans.

The discussions, however, were not confined to just the Egyptian ecosystem. The event also saw some of the brightest minds in the global business community talking about investment opportunities in different parts of the world. The event held at the KMT House was also backed by Hivos and Icealex. It revolved around the underlying theme, “Impact Investing and the Future of Startups.”

Among other activities, the event also included an interactive session featuring a group of investors with tremendous influence over the global startup scene. The keynote speech was delivered by Laurens Westhoff, the Dutch Ambassador to Egypt, who elaborated on the importance of impact investing in the region and beyond.

As for the MENA business community as a whole, the highlighting point came at a later stage of the event when a panel discussion explored the opportunities and challenges that lay ahead of the region’s startups.