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Just in case it somehow eluded your memory, Seedstar’s global startup competition is due for a grand comeback to Bahrain this September. And as always, the organizers will be on the lookout for the best startups the Kingdom has to offer. 

Do you think your startup is up for the challenge? Well, we, for one, wouldn’t let go of such an amazing opportunity. Just hear us out why:

Let’s go along with the TLDR explanation first — because the winners of the Manama chapter of the competition will have the honor to represent Bahrain in the world stage during Seedstars Summit 2020 (and earn themselves a global fan following). 

The longer explanation would be — because participating in the Seedstars competition is a remarkable journey in itself irrespective of win it or not. There are perks for every startup at every step along with the competition. 

To start with, Seedstars Manama will accept only the top-20 startups for the competition among the dozens, or probably even hundreds of applicants. So just making it to the competition is a big glory in itself. 

Up next, all the shortlisted startups will be invited for a training session featuring prominent experts from the Seedstars team, as well as local and regional mentors. 

Once the boot camp is over, each startup will appear in jury interviews with top investors. This is the most crucial phase of the competition because how fare here will eventually determine whether or not you will win the prestigious title of the most promising seed-stage startup of Seedstars Manama.

As for the other teams, they will also win one free month of the renowned Seedstars Investment  Readiness Program. 

To apply for being a part of Seedstars Manama, your startup must be less than two years old and have a minimum viable product (MVP). Additionally, only those startups that have raised less than $500k in investment are eligible to apply. 

The winning team will be entitled to a free trip to the regional Summit to compete in the Semi-finals, up to $500k in equity investment, access to a global network of entrepreneurs, and enrollment into the Seedstars Investment Readiness Program.

Hurry up, because the deadline to apply is soon! Apply here.