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Network International, the UAE-based payment solution company, has joined the ever-expanding e-commerce bandwagon in the Middle East. But is there anything fresh that the company plans on adding to the lucrative sector that has recently witnessed a tremendous growth across the region?

Well, if we go by the company’s own words, the new venture brings something special for local small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

For starters, the new e-commerce platform, dubbed Go-Online, is aimed at facilitating merchants in the UAE an additional channel to sell their products online. It enables SMEs in the country to build their web stores on Go-Online using more than 60 ready-made design templates. Uploading product details and editing existing entries is as easy as it can get for a platform of its kind, claims Network International.

To further enhance the user experience, the company has entered an agreement with global e-commerce firm Shopmatic. The deal, according to Network International, will extend a “significant first mover advantage” to Go-Online.

“Our aim is to enhance the e-commerce ecosystem by offering potential entrepreneurs a ready world-class platform with an integrated payment gateway,” said Samer Soliman, Managing Director (Middle East) at Network International.

He added: “We believe our efforts are aligned with the vision of the UAE government as we lend support to the SME sector, the backbone of our economy.”. Samer further stated on an optimistic note that Go-Online has all the potential to expedite smaller e-commerce entrants’ growth in the market by boosting their reliability and ability offer quality customer-experience.