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Innervate, a small tech firm based out of Britain was on the verge of bankruptcy just a couple of years back. Today, the company is playing a crucial role in the digital transformation of the Middle East. 

In the process, Innervate has itself undergone a major transformation that saw the company coming out of its home turf to establish a sizeable clientele in the oil-rich Kingdoms of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Operating from a 150-year-old barn in rural Leicestershire, Innervate’s growing clout in the Gulf came into the limelight last year when it successfully oversaw the single largest rollout of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM software to the region’s financial services industry.

Besides, the company is also making a mark in the regional travel and educational sectors by spearheading several key transformative technological changes. No wonder that CEO Andy Startin describes Innervate as “a tiny British business that consistently punches above its weight!”

Saying that the company is at the forefront of a so-called Brexit-busting boom, Startin added: “I suppose you could say we are a bit of a best-kept secret. [….] But we aren’t about shouting from the rooftops. We’re about serving our customers and our customers’ customers, quietly and effectively. If at the same time we can lead a bit of a British charge overseas, when many innovations here and in Europe are being stifled by Brexit, then, of course, we’ll take that.”

In order to make it more convenient for the staff to serve Middle Eastern clients, Innervate recently launched a new office in Bahrain with the help of the Kingdom’s Economic Development Board.