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Have you caught up with what unfolded at the STEP 2018 Conference yet? It was a smashing hit by all yardstick as more than 200 startups from all over the Middle East and Africa participated in the event to pitch their products and new innovations to the attendees that included regional and global investors and business leaders among others.

In other words, if you are an entrepreneur looking for your big breakthrough, the STEP Conference was actually a stepping stone that you could trust. Only three of the participating startups made it to the final round, which included a pitch competition. Kuwait-based Nabta emerged the winner in the pitch competition.

Co-founded by Sophie Smith and Dr. Mussaad AL-Razouki in 2017, Nabta is a startup that focuses on the health and well being of women in the MENA region. The company offers an array of healthcare services with the vision of helping out women in all stages of their lives, including marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, and more. Among its offerings are medical counseling, fertility assistance, as well as prenatal and postnatal care through bilingual mobile/web apps.

“The best thing about winning the STEP Pitch Competition today was coming off stage and being greeted by people who expressed a genuine appreciation for Nabta and what we are trying to achieve. We want to make women’s health the most talked about subject in MENA – every competition we enter, every opportunity we have to present our vision, gets us a little bit closer to that goal,” said Sophie Smith, the founder and CEO of Nabta while discussing the company’s win at the STEP 2018 pitch competition.