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One of the most promising FinTech companies to have come out of Kingdom, SADAD Bahrain has once again rolled out a new disruptive service that could potentially transform payment methods in the country.

Dubbed “Sadded”, this new service introduces a new payment avenue that promises to make transactions between businesses and their customers a lot safer and easier. 

Without delving much into the technical nitty-gritty, Sadded can be summarised as an online invoicing system that enables users to send invoices to their customers via emails or text messages. 

The company is optimistic that Sadded will come in handy in a diverse range of use cases — be it payments for online deliveries, insurance payments, college tuition fees, or basically any other modes of transactions involving invoices. 

The new service is “cashless, fast, secure and hassle-free payment, allowing customers to easily purchase their goods or services,” SADAD stated in a press release.

With this new payments solution added to their tech inventory, merchants can now easily manage their business anywhere, anytime. They will be able to retain a detailed history of all their dues and collections on a single platform, which in turn, will make it way more convenient for reconciling all pending transactions. 

The payments will be transferred to their registered bank accounts with the process taking no longer than 24 hours.

“We are committed to offering customers the most innovative solutions in line with the Kingdom’s digitization strategy,” said Mrs. Fatima Ali, Marketing Manager at SADAD.

She added: “This new payment solution is meant to convenience our clients and their customers by providing them ease-of-use and secure payment methods.”