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Startup incubators are a great source of knowledge and networking opportunity for up-and-coming businesses. However, due to the ever-increasing number of startups in the region and other relevant factors such as adequate funds (or the lack of thereof), a significant proportion of startups in the Middle East and Africa are not able to tap into the capital, expertise, and mentorship offered by some of the leading incubators in the UAE and the rest of the region.

To resolve that issue, a collective of UAE entrepreneurs have come up with a free incubator dubbed They believe this initiative will play a crucial role in helping numerous entrepreneurs in the region expand their businesses. is built on a three-tier model comprising selection, incubation, and exposure. This is a pretty simple and straightforward model where startups can submit their business ideas for screening and then partake in a two-day hackathon that provides on-site coaching. Following this, there is a final presentation by each participant, based on which the three winning teams are selected.

The winners are then enrolled in the incubation phase that lasts somewhere between three to six months.

The incubation phase will see mentors helping each participant recalibrate and refine their business roadmap, nurture their ability to execute business plans, and providing them with workspaces and the legal framework to enter the operational stage.

The best part — all services offered by the is totally free of cost.