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Brinc Batelco, one of MENA’s leading venture capital and accelerator platforms, has announced the addition of four new startups to its flagship Hardware and IoT accelerator program. 

The program encompasses four distinct investment categories including How We Feel, Where We Live, What We Eat, and How We Move. All four categories are in line with Brinc’s broader objective of using quality entrepreneurship to solve some of the world’s burning issues. 

The four startups to have been shortlisted for the program are:

Frij (Bahrain): Designed and built locally in Bahrain, Frij is a smart refrigerator designed such that it is compact and convenient enough to be placed at every workplace — however small. This way, employees of your organization can have access to fresh and healthy food at affordable prices at a corner of the office. Frij also provides a seamless user interface along with a secure payment gateway for users to track nutritional information and make their purchases.

Xeleqt (Philipines): Xeleqt prides itself as the first-of-its-kind IoT platform that enables businesses to dynamically manage, mobilize, and match their various resources with ever-changing customer requirements. The startup implements this strategy with due safety protocol and embedded interaction policies.

Iris (Tunisia): Iris is a fast-emerging startup that aims to revolutionize precision beekeeping. It offers a smartbee device that comes fully loaded with sensing capabilities designed to cater to every need of beekeepers including security, efficiency, and better profitability.

Symphony (Hong Kong): Based in Hong Kong, Symphony provides a unique cloud-based service that allows manufacturing plants and industries to monitor the health of their machinery and any physical component. The company’s plug-and-play industry 4.0 solution can wirelessly monitor vibrations from any machines with moving components. The data thus collected is then sent to the cloud, which is then analyzed to evaluate the machine’s health status and remaining useful life.

Additionally, Brinc also confirmed that it is currently accepting applications for its Fall 2020 accelerator program.