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Zendy, the first digital library for scholarly literature in MENA, was officially launched in Bahrain last week with the vision to provide users with access to a wide variety of international research and literature. 

Developed by Knowledge E, Zendy first made its debut in Jordan in late 2019. It has since added more than 8,500 users from all across MENA, besides listing more than 120,000 publications that include 30,000 e-books and more than 30,000 journals. 

Zendy is potentially a game changer for the region’s academia given that up until now, academic literature was mostly hidden behind expensive paywalls, or only restricted to people who are affiliated with larger organizations.

The new digital library aims to change that by removing these barriers and enabling anyone to access the world’s latest research work and literature for an affordable fee.

Kamran R. Kardan, Founder and CEO at Knowledge E says, “We are extremely excited to launch Zendy in Bahrain, to help enable the local science and academic community and provide more of the region with access to scholarly research and literature.

“Bahrain is fast emerging as a regional hub for technological innovation, and one of the key drivers for innovation is the ability to access and share knowledge. Zendy’s launch in Bahrain aims to fuel the local knowledge economy and in turn foster an innovation ecosystem.”

Zendy has also announced a special offer for Bahraini users to celebrate its launch in the Kingdom. Per this offer, all Bahraini users are entitled to a 50% discount on the annual plan (valid for a limited period).