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Software giant Microsoft has rolled out its Dynamic 365 Business Central platform to the fast-growing SME segment in the UAE. The platform aims to help small and medium enterprises in streamlining their business processes and financials, while simultaneously empowering them to make smarter and more impactful business decisions with the help of integrated intelligence.

The new offering is particularly suitable for SMEs that have outgrown their current accounting software inventory and are on the lookout for more sophisticated alternatives that can competently cater to their expanding requirements. More specifically, it will help them connect their various internal wings across processes, functions, and disciplines.

In other words, Dynamic 365 Business Central will enable SMEs to integrate their back-office system with business processes seamlessly. But that’s not all, it also makes it easy for business owners to standardize and integrate their sales, human resources, finance, logistics, marketing, and operations under one unified platform.

“Dynamics 365 Business Central brings people, processes, and data together so you can manage your business end to end,” said Maureen Mansour-Khoury, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Dynamics 365, Microsoft Middle East & Africa. She added: “For an SME operating in the intensely demanding Gulf market, Business Central can form the hub of a digital transformation strategy that will set you apart from your peers, allowing you to engage customers, empower employees, optimize operations and reinvent your entire business model.”

Worth noting here is that unlike conventional ERP solutions, Business Central comes fully integrated with Office 365 and it includes built-in intelligence. This added perk makes it a lot more convenient for businesses to make smarter long and short-term decisions, which in turn, manifests in accelerated growth and a competitive edge.