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The fifth edition of the prestigious MiSK Global Forum (MGF) was launched on Sunday with participants from all over the world teaming up to brainstorm the Ripple Effect. In other words, the focus in this edition of the Forum will be to examine how individual entrepreneurial actions expand their real-world impact over time and lead to global influence that helps and inspires youth to grow. 

Just like the yesteryears, MGF 2020 has also brought along a pool of established innovators, creators, and thinkers from all walks of lives to share their insights, discuss challenges and opportunities and help empower the youth to develop actional skills.

Due to the restrictions in place in the wake of the COVID-19 situation, the Forum will be organized online this year.

Calling this year’s MGF a “special edition”, Shaima Hamidaddin, the Misk Global Forum’s Executive Manager, said the following in her introductory remark:

“The pandemic has swept over us as a tidal wave of change, but there is momentum to build a more engaged, more sustainable, and more balanced future.”

She further elaborated, “[….] this year’s special edition of MGF is focusing on ‘the Ripple Effect.’ It’s about how our daily actions amplify each other so that ripples spread out from community to community, country to country, continent to continent to become waves of change around the world. MGF is about ensuring you have the skills, the networks, and the experience to make those ripples.”

Other key speakers during the first day of the event included Alain Dehaze, the Adecco Group’s CEO, and Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International, Switzerland, among others.

Additionally, MGF is also hosting the Global Finals of the Entrepreneurship World Cup 2020. The global competition saw 175,000 entrepreneurs and startups from 200 countries applying, of which, 100 teams were handpicked for the global finals. On the first day of the MGF, these 100 startups competed against one-another until only 10 startups qualified for the last-leg of the finals.

These include:

  • BrightSign – Saudi Arabia
  • Ecovery Holdings – Colombia
  • Evo&co – Indonesia
  • Genecis Bioindustries Inc. – Canada
  • FLITE Material Sciences – Canada
  • Key2enable Assistive Technology – United Arab Emirates
  • Rubitection – United States
  • TurtleTree Labs – Singapore
  • Vuetech Health Innovations – United States
  • Zafree Papers – Ethiopia 

Visit the official EWC website here for more info on these qualified startups.

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