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The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and Mazad Bahrain announced the launch of the very first digital auction within the cooperation agreement between them that was signed last year for the purpose of selling facilities located in the industrial zones of the Ministry in support of the objectives of the national strategy for the industrial sector, starting today, Thursday, December 30th, 2021 and running until March 30th, 2022.

On this occasion, Dr. Khaled Fahd Al-Alawi, Assistant Undersecretary for Industrial Development, expressed his gratitude for this partnership, which will present investment opportunities available in the industrial zones to the largest number of local and foreign companies. He stressed that this procedure will contribute to transforming faltering projects in the industrial zones into new ones, granting economic growth of the industrial sector and enhancing the contribution of this sector to the gross domestic product. 

Mr. Talal Aref Al-Arifi, CEO of Mazad Bahrain, said: “We are pleased to cooperate with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism through this agreement, as the digital auction service provides the highest levels of transparency, justice, competitiveness and is very secure, as well as providing equal opportunities for all those interested in purchasing these facilities from investors or companies.”

This auction aims to display the existing project facilities on plots leased by the Ministry in its industrial areas, for the purpose of transferring the ownership of these facilities to new investors to establish new projects and conclude lease contracts for the industrial plot with the ministry. 

This step comes within the framework of the Ministry’s objective towards strengthening the strategic partnership with Mazad Bahrain, thus contributing to improving the quality of government services, upgrading their efficiency and increasing their effectiveness.

The auction will include offering 3 facilities with different locations, types and uses in the industrial zones. Those wishing to participate in the auction must submit to the Ministry a proposal for the project to be established and obtain initial approval via the website to qualify them to bid on the facilities. 

You can register through Bahrain auction company’s website to pay the insurance amount and start bidding on the industrial facilities.