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For those of you familiar with the Middle East and Africa’s B2B e-commerce marketplace, the brand name WaystoCap ought to ring a bell. After all, it’s one of the most promising startups in the sector to have come out of MENA in recent years.

The company’s immense contribution to the cross-border B2B sector has also drawn praise from the World Economic Forum (WEF). Not only that, WaystoCap has also been selected to be a part of the Technology Pioneers cohort, a collective of promising startups that the WEF endorses for their impressive work in the field of design, and deployment of next-generation technologies.

WaystoCap will now join the other selected startups to participate in various WEF initiatives, as well as events and activities over the next couple of years. Some of the other prominent startups that share WaystoCap’s success include the likes of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Fetch Robotics, and

Speaking of the rather impressive track record the company has had so far, Niama El Bassunie, Co-Founder and CEO of WaystoCap, said, “At WaystoCap’s we are creating a trust network that allows African businesses to trade internationally.”

She added, “We are building an online marketplace using technology based around trust, verification, and security so African SMBs can buy and sell globally; revolutionizing the way they do business, and opening up opportunities that have not existed previously.”

Founded in 2014, WaystoCap aims to empower African-based businesses to buy and sell products online using its fast-growing marketplace. Through the use of cutting-edge technologies, the company makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to securely find trusted buyers and suppliers.