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Halan, the startup that offers ride hailing services in Egypt and Sudan through motorcycles and tuktuks, has taken the market by storm by tapping into large markets that previously didn’t have access to any smart mass transportation services.

The company currently operates across several governorates throughout Egypt and Sudan and claims to have served more than three million rides in both countries combined – no wonder that it is counted among the fastest growing app-based services in Egypt.

In addition to offering affordable, convenient, and safe transportation to underserved communities in small towns and rural areas, Halan has also created thousands of employment opportunities including high-value jobs.

The startup’s rich potentials didn’t go unnoticed. Earlier in 2018, Halan raised several millions of dollars in a funding round led by Egypt’s Algebra Ventures and Singapore’s Battery Road Digital Holdings.

“I launched Halan to solve a real problem, to serve a real need in the market,” says Mounir Nakhla, Halan CEO & founder, who launched the company in 2017 along with Ahmed Mohsen.

He added: “While other people were looking at informal and rural communities as spaces full of challenges and poverty, my experience with micro-finance in underserved markets showed me how much wealth and opportunity there is. Halan is a technology solution that is built to put people first and improve their livelihoods. All over the country, it moves people and goods safely, efficiently, and economically and generates thousands of jobs.”

Nakhla says the newly raised funds will come handy in the company’s efforts to expand to newer markets, improve existing technologies, and expand services.