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Press Release.

The Board of Directors of The Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH) has re-elected Mr. Tarek Fakhro to serve as the Chairman for another term, leading the Society’s Board of Directors from 2023 to 2024.

In addition, the Board of Directors has elected Mrs. Ameera Al Qubaiti as the Vice Chairman, Mr. Rashed Al Snan as the Treasurer, Mr. Rashed Mohammed as the Board Secretary, and welcomed Mr. SM Hussaini, Mr. Mahmood Al Adraj, and Mr. Isa Al Kooheji as esteemed Board members, further enhancing the Society’s leadership and expertise.

In a statement commemorating this occasion, Mr. Fakhro graciously expressed his gratitude to the Board of BTECH for placing their unwavering trust in him as the Chairman, and stated, “I am delighted to embrace my responsibilities and continue propelling the Society forward, steadfastly pursuing strategic steps and pioneering initiatives that solidify its position as a frontrunner in the realm of technology.”

 “I eagerly anticipate collaborating with the esteemed members of the Board and the dedicated management team, as together we strive for even greater achievements and foster continuous growth, thus amplifying the Society’s role as a catalyst for innovation and progress in the Kingdom of Bahrain.”

Mr. Fakhro extended a warm welcome to the newly appointed board members, emphasizing his enthusiasm for their collective collaboration, and added, “Together, we will cultivate a nurturing environment that empowers technology companies to flourish in their endeavors and attain remarkable success. Our primary objective as a Society is to fortify our presence by spearheading the formulation of legislation, policies, and strategies pertaining to the ICT sector.”

 “Moreover, we aim to enhance the sector’s performance, elevate the services and products provided by our member companies, and activate BTECH’s vision to establish a benchmark that propels technology companies to the forefront of the Kingdom of Bahrain.”

Founded in 2012, The Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH) was established with the dual purpose of advancing the efficiency of the national economy and strengthening the Kingdom of Bahrain’s position in the ICT markets. Since its inception, BTECH has diligently worked as a catalyst, playing a pivotal role in elevating the standing of IT companies within the Bahraini market. This strategic endeavor serves as an initial stepping stone towards enabling these companies to achieve the distinguished positions they rightfully deserve in both regional and international markets.