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UAE-based MYEARTH has become the first company in the country to roll out an eco friendly, organic product as a viable substitute for plastic. This new product is starch-based, and therefore, fully compostable and soluble in water. 

The company is hailing this achievement as a huge leap towards supporting UAE’s Vision 2021 that aims to pave the way for a sustainable environment. 

“Going organic was the best bet but it presented the challenge of developing a product which is affordable and has the advantages of plastics. This challenge has been addressed through a Starch based completely organic water-soluble product,” the company said in a statement.

As of now, MYEARTH is primarily focusing on building a large-scale production and distribution network. Initially, the production cost for the new starch-based material will be slightly higher than that for single-use plastics. 

Despite that, however, it is believed to be the most affordable alternative to plastic available to the region at present. Furthermore, the company plans on expanding the scale of production in the coming months, which will then help the production cost to bring down to the same level as that of single-use plastics.

While MYEARTH will be targeting the UAE market initially, it plans on expanding its footprint across the rest of the GCC market and beyond in the near future.