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Press Release.

Manama, Bahrain – July 21, 2020: The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) announced the launch of its MasterCard Cashback Campaign every Sunday, starting from the first Sunday in July 2020 and will run for a period of 5 months. The campaign comes as part of the Bank’s commitment to reward its valued customers. 

Valid for MasterCard Local and International Credit and Prepaid Cards, transactions equivalent to BHD 100 and below will provide customers with the opportunity to benefit from 10% cashback of up to BHD 10 per transaction. The cashback offer, which is set to take place every Sunday will also apply to online transactions, as well as purchases from local and international merchants in all currencies. The cashback will be deducted from customer’s bill at the end of the billing cycle.

Commenting on the campaign Subah A.Latif AlZayani, Chief Executive of Retail Banking at NBB said, “Enriching and fulfilling the customer experience is what inspires the way we do our business, and this campaign came as part of our commitment to lift the spirits of our loyal customers by providing them with exciting rewards particularly during these challenging times.”

“By introducing such exciting offers to our customers, we are also able to contribute towards boosting the economy and increasing the purchasing power, which continuously strive for as the nation’s bank. We will continue to broaden our range of services and introduce rewarding and enriching solutions to better serve our customers,” further added AlZayani. 

“As product developers, our main focus is to provide customers with the outmost convenient offerings to ensure maximizing their benefits. By launching the MasterCard campaign, we believe that providing cashbacks to customers will extend their scope of privileges alongside with ensuring that all card holders will enjoy the offer rather than limiting certain prizes to specified winners.” Commented Ahmed AlMaskati, Head of Products. 

To learn more about the campaign please visit or call 17214433.