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Tamkeen Bahrain and the National Medical Taskforce for Combating the Coronavirus (COVID-19) jointly organized a press conference at the Crown Prince Center for Training and Medical Research. The press conference specifically addressed Bahrain’s ongoing battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The briefing started with Dr. Waleed Khalifa Al Manea, Undersecretary at the Ministry of Health and member of the National Medical Taskforce for Combating Coronavirus (COVID-19), expressing his gratitude to the King for his continued support in the efforts to keep the pandemic under check in the Kingdom. 

Dr. Al Manea noted that the King’s support has been particularly beneficial for motivating first responders from all sectors.

He also noted that the battle against COVID-19 is actually a two-front war. One is against the pandemic itself while the other is the more subtle but equally menacing threat emanating from fake news or misinformation spread through social media and other channels. 

Saying that Bahrain has so far done a commendable job by limiting the impact of the pandemic, Dr. Al Manea presented some hard figures to back his claim. According to his data, nearly 90% of the registered COVID-19 patients have so far recovered whereas just about 0.64% succumbed to the disease.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ebrahim Janahi, Chief Executive of Tamkeen Bahrain, noted that the campaign against COVID-19, under the guidance of HRH Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Prime Minister, and HRH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, has been able to mobilize the private and public sectors alike to maximize its impact. 

Tamkeen Bahrain has also played an active role in fulfilling its social responsibilities by supporting  1,914 saloons, 393 restaurants and cafes, about 350 travel offices, 205 gyms, 193 institutions. Apart from that, Tamkeen has also helped to supplement the income of 50% of taxicab drivers, public transport and bus drivers, driving instructors, and kindergarten and nursery workers.