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Just in case you haven’t heard about it yet, there is a new app for the fashion aficionados in Bahrain called Sept. It’s basically an e-commerce platform with its own unique flavor and it has already hit the market, starting with the Apple App Store.

Yara AlDhaen, Founder of Sept, by Hafsa Qassim.

As explained by Setp’s founder in a recent conversation with the media, the app uses advanced algorithms to catalog your choices and preferences and then suggests only the products that match your personalized style.

All products are ranked in real-time and users don’t have to scroll practically endless lists of products just to shortlist their favorites.

Interestingly, Sept is the brainchild of Yara AlDhaen, a law graduate who passed the California bar in 2019. She has no background in tech, but she says it was her inner entrepreneurial spirit and vision that manifested in Sept, an app designed specifically to make life easier for shoppers like herself.

“We don’t all share the same music and film taste and our Spotify and Netflix reflect that; so why do we need to look at the same product feed, endlessly scroll, and then try to make a choice? We want to celebrate our customer for who she is and curate a shopping experience that fits her unique style,” she noted. 

Sept, is targeted primarily at further embellishing the wardrobe of Arab women. Signing up on the app is pretty easy — all you have to do is take a 30-second quiz (much akin to Apple Music). This is the first step for the app to determine your favorite brands, fabric, cuts, and fits.