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In cooperation with the National Bureau for Revenue (NBR), Bahrain’s Information & eGovernment Authority (iGA) kickstarted a brand new service that allows VAT payments to be done through the National Portal ‘‘.

iGA shared that through this new service, all entities of all sectors that are qualified to charge VAT on their products and services, will be able to both view and settle their bills online in the most convenient manner.

Said service comes in line with NBR’s dedication to utilize modern systems and technologies that increasingly streamline and secure the VAT collection process.

NBR, in cooperation with iGA already offer plenty of eServices, to which this new one comes as an addition, and in line with all the national efforts that contribute to advancing the public sector. This is done through online services as well as policies that aim to raise the efficiency of government services, all of so is done simultaneously with ensuring the maintenance of the highest safety and privacy standards.

It’s worthy to note that this service additionally reinforces the continuous initiatives towards digital transformation that aim towards the guaranteeing government services’ compliance with the needs of all types of beneficiaries.

You can find the new service through the National Portal ‘’, allowing you to enter your bill & VAT account numbers to get a look at the due amounts in detail.

Additionally, you can enter the due amounts and contact details in order to finalize your online payment. Upon the transaction’s completion, you can either print your receipt or have it sent through email.