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A new electronic service has been unveiled by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB) to facilitate more efficient banking transactions for its staff. The new service will use direct online banking with retail banks of Bahrain.

This system is going to allow the retail banks to view any CBB employee’s data while offering credit services. The employee can request and view their salary details, employee data and other details in the system. The CBB has assured that the system has a robust security mechanism in place and it is designed to maintain the privacy of all employees.

It functions electronically through a unique transaction code which maintains secrecy and integrity of stored data. An employee can request retrieval of specific data to the CBB who then sends a communication to the concerned bank that can access the employee’s information through the code. However, this information will be available to the respective bank for a limited period.

According to Dr. Huda Hussain Al-Maskati, Executive Director of Corporate Services, CBB aims to make use of new technology in business process development with the help of this online service. This will help in enhancing work mechanisms; maintain security and privacy of data while optimizing resource use.