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A new startup has gone live in the UAE that promises to revolutionize the data security sector. Aptly named Stornest. This new startup stores your private and confidential information in a secure manner and shares it with people that you approve of.

The rationale behind the launch of this service is to eliminate any risk of losing valuable information should anything happen to you.

The service efficiently stores any financial information, passwords, private information, photographs, notes or any data that you wish to keep private and secure.

Operating this service is quite simple. As a client, once you sign up for paid membership, you get the facility to upload data in folders that are designated to specific beneficiaries.

Stornest allows its clients to choose from two ways if they want their information to be released to their respective beneficiaries. One is a periodic email check that Stornest conducts to ensure client’s awareness. The other way is assigning a third party to inform the service provider in case anything happens to the client. Information will then be shared with the respective beneficiaries.

Stornest relies on some of the most advanced security features that are applied to keep information secure and confidential. This is achieved with the help of data encryption, trusted cloud storage and advanced encryption standards (AES). There is security provision to protect data in transit between browsers and servers by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)/Transport Layer Security (TLS) for transferring data.

With this attention to detail, Stornest has diverse clientele with differing needs. The plans and subscriptions that it has can be chosen on the basis of monthly, annually or even for a lifetime.