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Press Release.

“Entrepreneurship Tech Camp” hosted by the NGN Training Center welcomed participants with the objective of equipping Bahraini youth with the necessary knowledge and connections to inspire them to venture into entrepreneurship within this burgeoning domain. The event aimed to empower them to transform their innovative concepts into startups.

The program encompassed an array of workshops and lectures delivered by a panel of experts hailing from diverse fields, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, cybersecurity, practical applications of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, and even delving into the realm of virtual simulation. Furthermore, ample time was dedicated to fostering interaction and networking opportunities with both experts and fellow participants. This facilitated the exchange of ideas and experiences, ultimately enriching the participants’ professional network.

Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi, the CEO of NGN International Group and NGN Training Center, presented a lecture titled “A Techno-preneur Story” In this engaging session, he recounted his personal voyage to triumph within the realm of technology entrepreneurship. He delved into a range of pivotal subjects vital for emerging entrepreneurs. These included technological innovation, strategic approaches to entrepreneurship, attaining success amidst the swiftly evolving technology landscape, and insights on launching technology ventures and harnessing inventive methods. His discourse was anchored in his own accomplishments and experiences as a technology entrepreneur.

Mr. Al Awadhi also underscored that this event exemplifies the Training Center’s commitment to its societal responsibility. Its core aim is to fortify national talents by channeling their potential and equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently enter the job market and pioneer advancements in dynamic sectors such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and emerging sciences.

Mr. Ahmed Buhazza, Head of the Organizing Committee for the “Entrepreneurship Tech Camp”, emphasized the program’s significance in broadening horizons for budding entrepreneurs. He stressed the program’s role in inspiring them to integrate contemporary technologies into their entrepreneurial endeavors, thereby fostering the creation of promising employment opportunities across various emerging sectors. He expressed gratitude to the NGN Training Center for its gracious hosting of the program and acknowledged the center’s substantial efforts, which contributed to the program’s triumph and the enhancement of its outcomes.

Program participants also confirmed the significant benefits derived from the extensive knowledge and expertise shared by instructors and technical specialists. They gained a deeper understanding of how to leverage virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to create engaging and immersive experiences. Additionally, they comprehended the practical applications of space simulators for training in challenging missions and space exploration. Moreover, participants acquired strategies to fortify their enterprises against cyber vulnerabilities, mastering the creation of robust cybersecurity plans to adeptly navigate and mitigate cyber risks.