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Noon Academy, the company that touts itself as the Middle East’s leading ed-tech startup, just accomplished a rather impressive feat by winning the prestigious Real Innovation Award at the London Business School.

A graduate of the Saudi Arabia-based Badir Program for Technology Incubators and Accelerators, Noon Academy has been critically acclaimed for its innovative ideas and “unreasonable” determination to spearhead a revolution in the education sector.

Right since its birth in 2013, the company has conducted thousands of experiments and data-driven validations. This is how Noon, despite its humble start as a simple test-preparation website, soon emerged a massive social-learning platform where students can study along with their friends in groups, compete against one other, and seek professional help from top-tutors in the business whenever required.

Worth noting here is that noon Academy began its journey with only two tutors and less than 30 students. Today, the company boasts no less than 1.6 million students and 1,500 certified tutors on its platform in Saudi Arabia alone. The company wants to further expand its influence by having 50 million students enrolled in noon Academy over the next five years.

“What kept us moving for many years was the desire to see our ideas LIVE, learn in real-time feedback, and make a meaningful impact to the world around us. For that reason, we give our employees full autonomy, focus on results, and be transparent. That worked so well with Noon and created an incredible sense of ownership and commitment among our talented team,” said noon Academy co-founder and CEO Mohammed Aldhalaan.

Aldhalaan also acknowledged the role of Badir in paving the way for a strong startup ecosystem in the Middle East.