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Cinemoz, the Beirut-based video-on-demand platform is adding an original content channel exclusively for what the company describes as “Arab genre and entertainment.” Dubbed “Moz Originals: The return of Arab imagination,” the new channel will start streaming original Arabic content beginning November 30, 2018.

The OTT startup, which inaugurated its free-to-view on-demand streaming platform in 2011, announced the latest move via Twitter. It also released a promo video giving a sneak peek into the new original productions.

Among the key attractions in the new line-up of content are the Lebanese short science fiction film titled Last Days of the Man of Tomorrow, as well as the Cinemoz’s own comedy mini-series Arabs in Space. The latter revolves around a crew of not-so-carefully selected Arab explorers who are sent into deep space on a critical mission to save their home countries and humanity.

Cinemoz aired the first slate of its original shows back in 2018 with the vision of disrupting the way premium Arab-centric entertainment content is produced and consumed. The company is primarily focused on Arab-speaking population across the GCC, Egypt, North Africa, the Levant, and the Arab diaspora spread across the world. It is currently collaborating with a number of major regional studios and independent movie makers to acquire titles.

The company is also committed to adding classic titles from Hollywood, Bollywood, and the burgeoning Egyptian film industry.