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Press Release

Export Bahrain, a key initiative of the Kingdom’s national SME Development Board has facilitated local exporters to go global and expand into international export markets. It has reported that in the span of 18 months, via its export focused solutions, Export Bahrain has facilitated over $32 Million worth of exports across more than 26 various product and service categories to over 32 markets worldwide. The initiative reinforced and increased export opportunities for current, and potential exporters which included over 25% of exporters entered new markets and over 30% were first-time exporters, where over 15% represented service exports. 

In line with Export Bahrain’s commitment to ensure that Bahraini companies embrace world markets, multiple sectors were assisted to export various product and service categories. The initiative played a critical role in extending Bahraini local products and services to other markets and positioning them as future competitors among other global brands. Till date, Export Bahrain has helped exporters to reach global markets including – GCC, Europe, Asia, MENA, Africa as well as the Northern and Southern America. 

Exporters can tap into substantial export opportunities, and access global markets quickly and efficiently through Export Bahrain’s solutions, which simplifies the entire exporting process. The solutions and channels provided are designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses interested in expanding their products, services and even presence beyond Bahrain. Export Bahrain is continuing to expand and diversify its suite of export provision solutions to create an enabling environment for current and potential exporters.

Furthermore, Export Bahrain provides resources and solutions that are accessible to all businesses seeking to grow their activities internationally and enables exporters throughout their entire export journey. Amidst these challenging times, Export Bahrain continues to create opportunities for SMEs and local businesses to maximize their success. Additionally, it will continue to create new outlets, while building the right partnerships with key strategic entities, and business partners.

H.E. the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, and Chairman of the national SME Development Board, Mr. Zayed R. Alzayani stressed: “During the past 5 months alone, Export Bahrain has facilitated over 40 exports worth over USD16 Million to 8 markets, surpassing 2019’s export services figures and facilitating over USD 32 Million in exports over the past 18 months. Complimenting the success, drive and energy of businesses entering global markets, Export Bahrain will continue to work with national businesses and SME’s in particular to achieve significantly greater growth prospects, more resilience and increased profitability”.

H.E. the Minister added: “A key objective of Export Bahrain is to promote and encourage the export of Bahrain based products and services with national content as we showcase our national offerings to a global audience. We are proud of our internationalized businesses and exporters where we will extend every effort through export Bahrain to promote the commercial brand of Bahrain’s offerings globally and continue to assist both new and existing exporters. We believe the majority of businesses in Bahrain can be product or service-based exporters or build their commercial presence in other markets using Bahrain their hub thereby creating continued economic growth and creating new jobs and opportunities for the economy.” 

Dr. Nasser Qaedi, Chief Executive of Export Bahrain.  “As we continue to aggressively grow Export Bahraini’s export assistance to businesses in the country and celebrate their success, our 100% growth in export values during the first few months of the year compared to the previous year represents a key milestone which we will continue to build upon. Despite the challenges that many businesses are facing globally, Export Bahrain has facilitated over USD 16 million over the past few months where our key mission is to assist businesses navigate around the many potential international opportunities available to them and thus reinforcing the Kingdom’s position as a highly competitive export hub of products and services to markets across the globe. We are continuing to ensure that our solutions cover all critical areas for businesses looking to go global by providing export solutions in insurance, shipping, logistics, deal facilitation, e-commerce, internationalization, market information, and many others that can assist all businesses extend their reach beyond the local market.”

Export Bahrain will continue to ensure that product and services exporters in Bahrain gain every competitive advantage to succeed. Especially during this time, to achieve their international growth. We customize our solutions for every business to assist them navigate towards target internationalization opportunities, our services are designed to add tangible value to exporters and internationalizing businesses by lowering costs, building effective relationships with international buyers and assisting them access new markets and new audiences for their products and services. We have spent a significant amount of energy building fruitful international partnerships that can assist businesses in almost every market across all continents in order to assist companies build effective long-term commercial links that now positions Bahrain’s products and services in the hands of consumers in over 32 markets and growing.  We are keen to showcase the ample opportunities available to all businesses in Bahrain that exporting is a necessity to fuel growth and for companies across all sectors to take advantage of our services and solutions to access new opportunities and accelerate their growth.”

“We were planning to enter the Saudi market, which was a crucial part of our Chocolate factory’s long-term plan. However, we have faced several issues, especially when it comes to payments, which is a common issue several exporters face. The portal addressed our main concerns, and by utilizing their Export Shipment & Logistics and Credit Insurance solutions, we were able to create a successful expansion story for our business.”

“This year, despite the challenges, we continued to expand our international footprint with the efforts of Export Bahrain, which ensured that we remain confident at the forefront of the printing industry. We were able to offer our international customers flexibility in terms of payment via the export credit solution. We are quite excited that we have these tools throughout our journey, which has created quite a seamless experience for our team, and our global buyers.”

  • Wesal Jewelries representative (Ms. Maryam Ghazi; Head of Public Relations and Communications

“The variety of solutions offered by Export Bahrain are very valuable to exporting businesses at all times, specifically the export credit insurance which was quite critical for our jewelry business at this time. With this solution, we were able to offer our international buyers competitive payment terms without the need to request additional guarantees for payment. Export Bahrain assisted us in a very challenging time and made it possible for us to reach larger global markets.”

  • Studiogo Founder; Mr. Salman Qarata 

“We launched in March 2020, and exporting was a new challenge for our team. We wanted to provide our high-end design services beyond Bahrain, and finally kick off our regional outreach. As first time exporters, with the services of Export Bahrain, we were able to set a new direction, and secure businesses overseas. Our first cross border customer was in Saudi Arabia, and by utilizing Export Bahrain’s Export Facilitation solution, we were able to generate new international business leads that will allow our business to further scale up export operations.”

“With the current challenging environment, service exporting can be extremely difficult, especially for first time exporters who are hesitant to take the first step. However, Export Bahrain’s Export Facilitation solution allowed us to export our services virtually, for the first time, to new customers in the UAE. This has allowed us to extend our services to a potential market and create a regional case study for our wellness business. We wouldn’t have been able to facilitate this kind of outreach without Export Bahrain’s guidance and their assistance to help us leverage opportunities regionally, and create a valuable exporting experience.”

“Our manufacturing company was able to be adaptable and resilient during these turbulent times, due to export focused tools, especially Export Bahrain’s export credit solution. We have the potential to capitalize on international opportunities. We were able to offer international buyers competitive and flexible payment terms, which has allowed our business to expand its horizons. Export Bahrain has definitely set us on a new path, regardless of the challenging factors.”

  • Concept by Noor – Ms. Noor AlThani, Founder

“Dubai was a strategic market for us, and being in interior design, the ability to take your custom designs to bigger markets was a major goal, and an ambition for us. Export Bahrain has made that possible to enter that market, via their Export Facilitation and Shipping solutions. Export Bahrain worked closely with us to provide us with a clear guide on the procedures of exporting across borders and harnessing international market opportunities. In addition, having access to their fully integrated shipping solutions has made our export journey quite simple, and seamless.”

“Export Bahrain will be announcing numerous new partnerships and solutions that will further provide expanding opportunities and solutions to SME’s in the coming weeks and months ahead and we welcome all businesses who are interested in expanding their global reach to contact us”, Dr. Qaedi added.