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The Labour Fund of Bahrain (Tamkeen) has initiated a transformative partnership with MAE Aircraft Management Company, a collaboration that promises to reshape Bahrain’s air cargo industry and extend its influence across the broader Middle East and North Africa region.

With a focus on empowering Bahraini talent, Tamkeen aims to facilitate employment opportunities for local pilots and aviation engineers within MAE Aircraft Management Company. This strategic alliance underscores Bahrain’s ambition to solidify its position as a regional logistics hub, leveraging its strategic location and historical trade reputation.

The partnership between Tamkeen and MAE Aircraft Management Company signifies a concerted effort to bolster Bahrain’s transportation and logistics sector, a critical component of the national economy. By supporting employment opportunities and fostering local expertise, the collaboration seeks to enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of Bahrain’s air freight market. The initiative aligns with Tamkeen’s broader objectives of increasing economic participation, expanding career development opportunities, and supporting private sector growth.

MAE Aircraft Management Company, backed by Asia Cargo Network and MENA Aerospace, is poised to elevate Bahrain’s air cargo sector by offering advanced services to shipping companies and expanding the nation’s regional footprint.

Dr. Muhammad Jumaan, a Board Member of MAE Aircraft Management, expressed gratitude for Tamkeen’s support, emphasizing the joint venture’s commitment to investing in Bahraini talent and driving economic prosperity. As Bahrain’s aviation industry enters a new phase of growth and innovation, the partnership between Tamkeen and MAE Aircraft Management represents a significant stride towards realizing the nation’s vision for a thriving logistics ecosystem.