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In an impressive demonstration of global leadership and innovation, Playbook has been awarded the #1 startup at a prestigious conference focused on the African, European, and Middle Eastern startup ecosystems. This recognition is a testament to Playbook’s pivotal role in shaping the future of entrepreneurship and technology worldwide.

With a strategy aimed at global expansion, Playbook has marked its presence on the international stage by participating in several influential gatherings this year, including SXSW in Austin, Texas, LEAP in Riyadh, and the GCC @ Harvard Conference at Harvard University in Boston. These platforms have enabled Playbook to engage with global thinkers and leaders, driving forward conversations on technology, entrepreneurship, and societal progress.

Most recently, Playbook showcased its commitment to addressing gender disparities in tech funding at a leading European entrepreneurship conference. Wafa AlObaidat, CEO and Founder of Playbook, participated in a panel discussion that tackled the critical challenges facing women in tech entrepreneurship. Despite women constituting only 3% of funded founders, the discussion highlighted viable solutions to enhance funding opportunities for female-led startups, with Playbook at the forefront of this transformative dialogue.

Playbook’s engagements in cities like Boston, Casablanca, Austin, Dubai, Kuwait City,, Manama, Doha and Riyadh have not only strengthened its network but also cemented its reputation as a catalyst for change and innovation. These events serve as crucial platforms for forging partnerships and furthering Playbook’s mission of fostering global innovation and positive societal change.

Wafa AlObaidat, Founder and CEO of Playbook, underscores, “Within Playbook, we champion the profound impact of collaboration, innovation, and diversity in catalysing global change.” Our recent accolade as the #1 startup further solidifies our dedication to cultivating an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem where every individual can flourish. With a proven track record of success and an unwavering vision for the future, Playbook remains at the forefront of shaping the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship and technology worldwide.”

Playbook has experienced significant growth and expansion. Boasting a cinematic library of masterclasses, executive speaker sessions, workshops, and virtual networking opportunities, Playbook’s membership network spans 5,000+ members in over 200 cities across 50+ countries and 26 industry verticals. Backed by esteemed investors such as 500 Global, Sanabil Investments, Faith Capital, Women Spark, and Strategic Angel Investors, Playbook has solidified its position as a leader in transforming leadership, embracing diversity, and elevating the future for women globally.

The recent accolade as the #1 startup underscores Playbook’s growing influence and solidifies its role at the forefront of the global tech and entrepreneurial landscape. As Playbook continues to expand into new territories like Africa, the US, and Europe, it remains dedicated to leveraging every opportunity to promote collaboration, innovation, and diversity across the globe.

For more information about Playbook, please visit their website.