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Press Release.

Asette launches an AI-driven property investment platform, revolutionizing off-plan property research and acquisition in the $35 billion UAE market. With a promise to save investors a 3-months decision-making process and over 40 hours of research, Asette simplifies the complex 30-step procedure using a single tool: the AI-driven platform that Asette is.

Connecting investors to curated off-plan property options, while being the world’s first one-stop-shop. Asette offers personalized off-plan property searches, empowering investors with comprehensive analysis of price appreciation, rental yields, and ROI calculations.

Asette aims to enhance the efficiency, transparency, and inclusivity of the property buying process. Employing sophisticated machine learning models, the platform conducts comprehensive data analysis of the off-plan market in the UAE, empowering investors with personalized recommendations aligned with their real estate investment preferences and affordability metrics. By equipping investors with valuable insights, Asette enables them to make informed property investment decisions while significantly minimizing the time and effort involved in locating the ideal off-plan property.

“Asette was created to simplify the complex and time-consuming process of buying off-plan properties in the UAE,” said Asette’s CEO, Leena Vesterinen. “Our platform uses real estate data that will feed into machine learning to analyze data on the UAE’s off-plan property market and provide investors with personalized recommendations with the best growth potential. Those insights help investors make informed and unbiased decisions while saving an incredible amount of time and effort.”

In the pursuit of creating an unbiased experience, Asette is facilitating flexible payment plans and a transparent purchase process. Each detail and essential step are diligently outlined, ensuring investors embark on their journey of research, evaluation and purchase with complete clarity and confidence.

Asette collaborates with some of the leading property developers in the UAE, including Damac Properties, Sobha and Danube providing investors with a wide range of off-plan properties to choose from across different price categories.

“As an investor in Asette, I am truly excited about the cutting-edge, AI-driven technology that powers the platform. Asettes’s innovative approach and strong leadership have convinced me of its immense potential. I am confident that their disruptive solutions will reshape the real estate industry and deliver remarkable value to property investors. I look forward to supporting Asette’s growth and witnessing its success firsthand,” shared Spencer Lodge, Investor and Commercial Advisor at Asette.