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Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) has introduced a groundbreaking Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform called ViaVii Plus, aimed at transforming the travel experiences offered in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Developed by QSTP-incubated startup ViaVii, this platform offers an intuitive booking management system and a user-friendly website builder, empowering travel experience creators, workshop providers, tour guides, and tourism companies to provide exceptional activities to both travelers and locals.

ViaVii Plus, available in both English and Arabic, simplifies the complexities and costs associated with developing and maintaining tour and activity websites. It also provides access to marketing and advertising tools, enabling service providers to expand their market reach and boost revenue.

Originally, served as a marketplace connecting travelers with local hosts offering authentic experiences. However, it has now evolved into ViaVii Plus, supporting vendors by allowing them to promote their tours and activities easily. This offers them control over their brand image and presentation of services, fostering a creator economy where any host can create their own e-store within minutes, even without technical expertise.

To facilitate payments, vendors can use ViaVii Plus’ payment services or integrate their payment gateway seamlessly, as the platform supports localized payment gateways. ViaVii received seed investment from QSTP’s Tech Venture Fund (TVF) in 2020, followed by institutional financing in early 2023 to develop ViaVii Plus.

The platform is rapidly expanding its user base and forming strategic partnerships, including Experience Qatar and the Jordan Tourism Board, to distribute ViaVii Plus’ experiences on partner platforms. ViaVii’s remarkable journey includes winning the UN World Tourism Organisation’s Global Rural Tourism Startup Competition in 2021, highlighting its innovative and technological approach to travel experiences in the MENA region. The startup is now seeking pre-Series A financing to continue its growth.