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Press Release.

Reboot01, the first of its kind on-campus coding institute in the Kingdom of Bahrain, part of the 01 Edu global network of coding schools, partners with Binance Academy, the global blockchain and crypto asset education platform to provide Blockchain & Cryptocurrency education and career opportunities for Reboot graduates.

Through this partnership, Reboot 01 learners will have open access to Binance Academy’s learning portal which offers a wealth of resources on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the Web3 ecosystem, including articles, guides, videos, and glossary entries, catering to various skill levels and interests. The platform is available in more than 30 languages and covers diverse topics, from basic concepts to advanced trading strategies. Additionally, Reboot01 and Binance Academy will conduct joint research projects, hackathons and industry projects, with plans to host Binance Blockchain Developer courses at the Reboot01 campus.    

Reboot01’s curriculum trains students to become full-stack developers in 18-months, then the student can choose between 7 specialization branches, one of which is Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies.  Each specialization lasts 6-months delving deep into their chosen branch.  Information on all 7 branches of specialization can be viewed by visiting the Reboot01 website.  

Reboot01’s curriculum will include essential courses focused on Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies technologies which includes learning how to develop Smart Contracts, generating and managing NFTs and Crypto currency wallets and how to apply Web3 based technologies. Reboot01 students can choose to specialise in their Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies branch upon graduation.

Tameem Al Moosawi, General Manager Binance Bahrain commented on the partnership, “We are pleased to announce signing an agreement with Reboot Coding Institute to increase Web 3.0 and blockchain literacy for more users. We look forward to seeing the continued growth and prosperity of Bahrain as one of the leading global hubs for crypto asset activities. Being a leader in the blockchain infrastructure space, we believe that one of the best forms of consumer protection is user education. We commend Reboot Coding Institute for facilitating this program to enhance the knowledge in the blockchain and crypto space.”

Yanal Jallad, Managing Director, Reboot Coding Institute stated, “We are proud to partner with the Binance Academy, which will allow our students to gain extensive blockchain and crypto knowledge, understand the evolving cryptocurrency market, and benefit from internship opportunities that can lead to employment at the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem.”

Reboot01 is the first coding school of its kind in Bahrain, powered by 01 Edu, a French educational platform part of the 01 Edu global network of coding schools. The institute is driven by a disruptive and innovative-based model that integrates a balanced mix of peer-to-peer learning, gamification, and a collective intelligence methodology. The program has been designed to enable people to transform their careers and enter the world of technology, regardless of their educational and professional backgrounds. 

Applications are now open for the next selection pool. To apply, please visit.

Applicants will need to register by creating an account and completing a 90-minute online game assessment. Applicants are not required to have any prior coding experience, degrees or other qualifications.