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In yet another big boost to London-based referral marketing platform Mention Me’s growth plans, the company has raised $7 million in a recent funding round led by Eight Roads Ventures. The company, into its sixth year now, never raised investment in the past except for during a small angel round back in 2015.

The company said in a blog post that the newly raised funds will be used to accelerate its work “helping businesses capitalize on their customers’ trust, to power better marketing.”. “This new funding from Eight Roads Ventures will unlock the next phase of growth for us, and for our clients. We’ll be hiring more great people to drive referral performance, and also be building more quality technology with a focus on marketing based on trust. Something we strongly believe in,” reads the post.

Mention Me’s marketing platform, known for its ability to simplify referral marketing for businesses of all sizes, currently has more than 300 clients including the likes of ZipCar, Ovo Energy, Ted Baker, and FarFetch.

Available in 16 languages, the Mention Me referral marketing platform is particularly useful when it comes to conducting A/B tests and accurate real-time evaluation of individual campaigns.

The company’s workforce has “organically” grown to nearly 50 full-time employees over the past five years, and the newly raised fund is expected to fuel its further expansion.