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Saudi Arabia is gearing up to host the third edition of the E3 Customer Experience Conference 2023, which is the largest CX gathering in the region. The two-day event is scheduled for May 16th and 17th, 2023 and is expected to attract over 500 delegates from the Middle East CX community, as well as recognised CX practitioners and thought leaders from around the world. The Conference will explore solutions, discuss trends in the dawning AI era, and evaluate advanced technologies shaping customer service and digital workflows to deliver positive experiences.

In strategic partnership with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of Saudi Arabia, the event is organised by Ejtemaat Saudi Arabia and the Saudi CX Association. It aims to expand knowledge and build capabilities for businesses in the customer experience space, showcasing practical strategies, tools, methodologies, and initiatives that companies can use to accelerate customer-centric growth and innovation in a rapidly evolving experience economy.

The CX Saudi Excellence Programme, led by the Saudi CX Association, is a significant part of the conference. It recognises excellence, innovative solutions and leaders in customer experience. The awards ceremony, adjudged by a prestigious panel, will highlight the best in the industry and serve as a platform to recognise their achievements. The event seeks to establish the Kingdom as a CX excellence benchmark in the region, exploring and tapping into the genuine potential of customer experience in ensuring the triumph of businesses and the formation of long-standing customer relationships across the Kingdom.