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A new survey by KPMG sheds light on the possibility that the robotic and artificial intelligence technologies could enter the retail space sooner than many of us had anticipated. According to the survey, a sizeable chunk of global business executives is planning to integrate both these technologies into their operations within the next two or so years.

The KPMG survey, dubbed the Global Consumer Executive Top of Mind Survey, found that as much as 41% of digital leaders have already deployed robotic process automation in their operations, with a further 46% planning to follow suit within the next couple of years.

The survey is based on the findings from 540 telephonic conversations with executives from 28 countries. All the participants in the study were from the consumer goods, food and beverages, retail, and manufacturing sectors.

It found that over the next two years, 72% of platform businesses will be deploying artificial intelligence in their day-to-day operations as compared to 27% of other types of companies.

Here’s an excerpt from the KPMG report:

“You don’t have to look far to find evidence of disruption – in fact; you don’t even need to leave the boardroom. Since the beginning of 2017, many global manufacturers and retailers have changed their CEO: American Express,Burberry, Carrefour, Coca-Cola,Domino’s, Ferragamo, Gap,Hershey,IKEA,Nestlé,Papa John’s,Ralph Lauren,Revlon,Samsung,Sony,and Subway…” to name a few examples.

While the report didn’t specify which countries in the Middle East and Africa were surveyed, it did mention that the key challenges facing the companies from this region largely emanate from economic and geopolitical conditions, as well as regulatory restrictions and emergence of new competitions.