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Not long after topping the Apple’s app store charts for its viral self-titled anonymous messaging app, Saudi Arabia-based technology company Sarahah has now rolled out a new service to curb workplace harassments.

Dubbed Enoff, the new service is dedicated to letting employees anonymously share feedback with their employers.

Employers can deploy Enoff at the workplace and invite their employees to share feedback anonymously using the web or iOS variants of the app. The company has promised that it will soon roll out the app for Android devices as well.

While individual users have to register to be able to use the service, their identity won’t be revealed to the people they share their feedback with. Employers will, however, have the ability to respond to the feedback they receive.

The founders say the new service can be of immense help for organizations committed to creating a healthy work environment by eliminating unwarranted incidents involving workplace discrimination, harassment, embezzlement, or theft.

“The new enterprise app and website provides a platform for employees and employers to engage in confidential dialogue to foster a safe and positive work environment,” the company said in a statement.

Sarahah also stated that Enoff has kicked off on a high note with a number of educational and commercial institutions already signing up for the service.

Highlighting the company’s commitment to creating services with real-world impact, Zain-Alabdin Tawfiq, founder and CEO of Sarahah, said: “[…] by launching Enoff online and on the App Store, we’re hoping to create a safe digital space for companies where they can receive feedback about workplace issues from their employees in an easy manner without having them disclose their identities.”

Sarahah has also promised to continue Enoff’s availability as a free service.