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Saudi Internet Health Application Technology Company, Sihatech, has announced that it recently raised $1.3 million in a series A round of funding.

The funds came from the Saudi-based healthcare IT firm Waseel Application Service Provider and Saudi Aramco Entrepreneurship Center, Wa’ed Ventures.

Sihatech plans on using the funds to expand the company’s workforce, enhance its offering for Saudi’s healthcare sector, and boost its core technology products.

Sihatech’s app and website enables users to discover and get in touch with doctors from more than 100 different disciplines based on their requirements. Furthermore, patients can also book an appointment directly with a practitioner of their choice.

Meanwhile, Sihatech also provides a complete Hospital Information System (HIS) on the cloud that enables doctors and hospitals to safely and conveniently store medical records.

Ahmed Al Bader, founder and CEO, Sihatech, said: “We are very fortunate to have found investors that share our vision to improve healthcare across the MENA region.”

“We have high aspirations for our partnership with Wa’ed. We have already approached John Hopkins Aramco Healthcare -a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Johns Hopkins Medicine– with a long list of ideas to improve transparency and accountability for the 65,000 Saudi Aramco employees and their family members.”

In addition to that, Al Bader said that Sihatech is working on new offerings that will go beyond basic registration and appointment booking tasks. The company wants to develop further capabilities to start a new telemedicine consultation, drug delivery, and patient procedure financing, and laboratory test delivery.