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17 promising startups incubated by Saudi Arabia-based Wadi Makkah were introduced to the public last week during an event dubbed Rabi’ Al-Wadi, which roughly translates into the Valley’s Spring.

The two-day event saw each of the 17 handpicked startups organizing an array of activities aimed to highlight the services they offer and the impact they could make in improving social and family lives across the region.

Among the key attractions of the event were competitions, workshops, lectures, bazaars, and consultations. “Be your own beauty consultant” was one of the most exciting workshops for women entrepreneurs interested in the fashion and personal care industry as it covered a range of topics concerning style and fashion statements preferred by women in the age group of 18 – 50.

Then there was “The Little Robot,” a cute little workshop that introduced children in the age group of 5 – 14 to robotics. The participants of this workshop learned the basics of how to assemble a robot. There was also a separate build-your-own-robot competition in the workshop.

Other notable activities included a discussion focused on the benefits and mechanisms of the “Economy of Communion,” support and advice sessions dedicated to childcare, and how social entrepreneurship can change life in general in the region.

“Seventeen of the startups of Wadi Makkah’s incubator have not yet entered the market and will stay in the incubator for 10 more days,” said Dr. Talal Al-Maghribi, CEO of Wadi Makkah. He added: “The work of some of these startups is focused on community leadership, while others provide Hajj and Umrah services, in addition to consulting firms for workshops, and auto parts.”

Worth noting here is that Wadi Makkah kicks off a new incubator program every six months with the vision to help out emerging businesses reach their full potential. Of course, not all the incubated startup makes it to the market, acknowledged Al-Maghribi, adding that but those that do, eventually gain enough momentum to register a remarkable growth.