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Aumet, a Saudi-based healthcare technology startup, has raised a substantial $7 million in a pre-Series A funding round from global venture capital and private equity firms. The investors include notable healthcare-focused venture capital firms and pharmaceutical conglomerates. This funding will allow Aumet to strengthen its AI capabilities, expand to more pharmacies, and provide affordable healthcare products for consumers globally.

Aumet is an AI-enabled B2B healthcare platform that leverages predictive analytics to forecast procurement of products for pharmacies, optimizing supply chain efficiency and reducing costs. The platform also facilitates data exchange between healthcare providers, manufacturers, and distributors, enabling informed decision-making. The startup currently serves over 10,000 pharmacies across three core markets including Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt.

This funding round comes amidst a rising trend of healthcare technology startups and innovative transformations in the industry, especially in the MENA region. The increase in funding innovation and digitalization in the healthcare sector highlights the growing importance of aiming to improve access to affordable healthcare products globally.