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SchoolVoice, an increasingly popular app specializing in parent-school communication, has announced the addition of a new feature that is likely to add more to its charm. Dubbed School Stories, this new feature enables students and the school staff to share pictures and videos in real-time.

The company hopes the new feature will further add to its efforts to provide users with “a more cohesive and interconnected school process.”. The new interactive section of the app will be available to students, teaching and non-teaching staff, as well as parents. Although, parents will only be able to view the content. According to the company, the potential of Stories is practically limitless. It can be used whichever productive way users deem it fit for, including the school sharing pictures and videos of outstanding students as a way to encourage others. Similarly, it can also be used to share random fun moments, students’ talent in extracurricular activities, students and staff members who participate in voluntary work, and so on.

Speaking of the company’s commitment toward consistently improving user-experience, Ali Bin Yahia, founder of SchoolVoice, said: “We have done many research sessions that gathered us with the students and school staff, to know what features they would like to add to the platform, in order to provide them with a fully integrated communication process.”

“SchoolVoice will continue to introduce new features, enabling us to achieve our mission of creating an integrated and interactive communication process between school and parents. This will allow them to collaborate and create a successful, caring and more effective future generation, benefitting their families, communities, and countries,” he added.

SchoolVoice claims to have developed Stories in a way that makes it possible for schools to manage and administer it efficiently. It promises stringent measures to safeguard the privacy of students and school staff as prescribed by existing education system rules.