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Press Release.

ServeU, a leading facilities management (FM) solutions provider in the UAE and a subsidiary of Union Properties, is set to launch its groundbreaking app, ServeU AI TaskMaster, powered by ChatGPT. This revolutionary AI-driven application, developed entirely by ServeU’s in-house development team, seamlessly integrates innovative technologies with FM operations to set new industry benchmarks and provide exceptional services to clients. In addition, the app will offer multilingual support, catering to a diverse workforce with languages including Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Nepali, and Sinhalese.

ServeU recently invested in an in-house development team to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge in the FM industry. The successful development and launch of the ServeU AI TaskMaster app is a testament to the team’s expertise and the company’s commitment to embracing latest technological innovations.

Gary Reader, General Manager of ServeU, stated: “We are thrilled to be unveiling the ServeU AI TaskMaster, which embodies our dedication to providing exceptional, technology-driven solutions to our clients. Our in-house development team worked tirelessly to create a truly unique and transformative application by integrating ChatGPT and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Services. This milestone is another testament to our commitment to innovation, ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled services, further positioning us ahead of our competitors in the industry.”

The ServeU AI TaskMaster will be an upgrade from the legacy ServeU Technician 2.0 software and makes use of cutting-edge AI algorithms to expedite and streamline FM operations including work order management, asset tracking, and predictive maintenance. With the provision of quicker, precise, and personalised services, this AI-driven approach will increase efficiency, lowers costs, and enhances client satisfaction.

Moreover, the app will offer technicians with real-time data and a user-friendly interface that communicates in their preferred language, enabling better decision-making and providing tailored solutions to clients. This innovative, multilingual feature will be a first in the FM industry, breaking down language barriers and ensuring seamless communication between technicians and clients.

Adhering to SFG20 standards, the ServeU AI TaskMaster app will enable technicians to access critical information and guidelines in their preferred language, a feature previously available only in English. This upgrade will significantly improve technicians’ understanding of the standards and facilitates more effective maintenance and management of assets.

The ServeU AI TaskMaster app is set to be the latest milestone in ServeU’s ongoing digital transformation journey. The company’s investment in advanced technologies and its focus on delivering innovative solutions reiterates its commitment to adapting to the rapidly changing FM landscape and staying ahead of the curve.

With a long-standing history of embracing new technological innovations, ServeU has been committed to improving customer experiences and boosting operational efficiency. The company’s previous initiatives, such as the B2B and B2C mobile applications and CAFM system upgrades, have all contributed to its reputation as a pioneer in the FM industry.

For more information about ServeU and the ServeU AI TaskMaster app, please visit the website.