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Maliyya, a Shariah-compliant peer-to-peer investment and financing marketplace, has qualified to be a part of the Cloud10 Scalerator Program of C5 Accelerate in Bahrain.

A proud moment for the company, Maliyya is one of the six startups to have been selected out of 80 companies that applied to the Cloud10 Scalerator Program.

All six selected startups have been rewarded with access to AWS cloud services, high-level mentors from the regional and global FinTech industry, financial experts, and officials representing the Central Bank of Bahrain and Bahrain Economic Development Board, as well as an extensive network of business leaders.

The Cloud10 Scalerator program spans over eight weeks, during which all participants are provided with extensive training on various aspects of building and nurturing a startup.

The eight-week structured program of mentorship is divided into a series of sprints and tutorials that cover all aspects of scaling up, with a focus on scaling using the cloud platform. In order to make the process easier, each participant is provided with AWS credits worth $50,000.

Maliyya facilitates an all-inclusive marketplace that empowers qualified borrowers to receive unsecured financing at high-profit rates. The company also serves as a platform for investors of all sizes and capacities to invest in financing requests. Because of its reasonably high-profit rates and risk characteristics, Maliyya has emerged as a popular choice for many investors in the Middle East.

The company is optimistic that being a part of Cloud10 Scalerator will give it the perfect platform to establish itself in Bahrain’s dynamic and increasingly competitive financial marketplace. Among other perks, the program will also allow Maliyya to pitch its business models to local and international investors with the hope of securing more than $1.5 million in seed investment.