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UAE-based healthcare and lifestyle tech startup has launched operations in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. The website features a full range of popular contact lenses along with products from leading fitness brands.

As a new-generation e-commerce platform, souKare leaves no stones unturned to enhance customer-experience by offering a range of omnichannel features including cash/card on delivery, real-time and accurate delivery tracking for individual orders, and so on.

The company claims that souKare is not just yet another e-commerce site, but one with sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) system at its core. Among other things, the native AI system enables the website to offer fast, efficient, and targeted offerings to online shoppers.

souKare’s entry into the market has come at a time when the Middle Eastern e-commerce sector is already due for rapid growth. Per a recent report by Frost & Sullivan Research, the e-commerce market in the UAE alone will surpass the $10 billion-milestone by the end of 2018.

Elaborating on the company’s vision shortly after souKare’s launch, founder Faraz Khan, made the following remark:

”At souKare, it’s our top priority to ensure complete peace of mind for our customers. It starts with ensuring the simplest of online ordering and reordering processes, to guaranteeing the authenticity of each and every product, and ensuring that they are delivered to our customers as quickly as possible. Our unique checkout design offers one-click checkout for returning customers, and a subscription service is due to be launched later this month.”

In addition to catering to consumers from the UAE and Saudi, souKare also ships to almost all across the world without any additional costs.