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Export Bahrain is proud to announce that Silent Power, a groundbreaking startup from Bahrain, has secured second place at the prestigious Creative Business Cup Final Competition 2024 in Copenhagen. This remarkable achievement underscores Bahrain’s growing influence in the global entrepreneurial landscape.

This milestone follows Export Bahrain’s successful hosting of Bahrain’s Creative Business Cup 2024 in collaboration with Bahrain Development Bank and The Collective Hub. The national competition took place on April 2024, at The Collective Hub, with a focus on promoting startups in sectors such as Creative Industries, Sustainable Development, and Social Impact. Silent Power stood out and was awarded first place, earning the honor of representing the Kingdom of Bahrain at the CBC global finals in Copenhagen.

Silent Power’s success was made possible through the unwavering support of Export Bahrain, in collaboration with the Bahrain Development Bank and The Collective Hub. These partnerships have been instrumental in empowering Bahrain’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and showcasing the kingdom’s creative potential on a global stage.

The Creative Business Cup is a highly esteemed competition that brings together the world’s most innovative startups, investors, and companies, providing a unique platform for Silent Power to foster collaboration, secure strategic deals, and ignite creativity.

“The success of Silent Power at the Creative Business Cup Finals underscores the remarkable strength and potential of our local startups. This achievement is a testament to the innovation and resilience of our entrepreneurs. At Export Bahrain, we are deeply committed to fostering innovation and providing the necessary resources for our entrepreneurs to thrive on a global stage. Our dedication to supporting local businesses ensures that they can compete and succeed internationally, showcasing Bahrain’s talent and ingenuity to the world,” stated HE Mr. Abdulla bin Adel Fakhro, Minister of Industry and Commerce and Chairman of Export Bahrain

“We are immensely proud of Silent Power’s outstanding achievement at the Creative Business Cup,” said Ms. Safa Sharif Akhaliq, Chief Executive Officer of Export Bahrain. “This remarkable victory not only highlights the exceptional innovation of Bahraini entrepreneurs but also underscores our steadfast dedication to advancing and promoting Bahrain’s startup ecosystem on the international stage.”

“Winning second place at the Creative Business Cup is a tremendous honor for us. The support from Export Bahrain, Bahrain Development Bank, and The Collective Hub has been instrumental in our success. We are excited to continue our journey of innovation and collaboration on the global stage,” stated Mr. Mohammed Abdellaal, the Founder of Silent Power.

Silent Power’s second-place win is a testament to the creativity, resilience, and entrepreneurial spirit that defines Bahrain’s startup community. By competing on this global stage, Silent Power has set a new benchmark for excellence and innovation, inspiring future entrepreneurs in Bahrain and beyond.