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Mastercard and SimpliFi have joined forces in a strategic partnership aimed at accelerating the adoption of efficient digital payment solutions in the region. The collaboration will enable businesses to quickly bring Mastercard-enabled payment products and services to market, streamlining the process and reducing associated costs. With a shared vision of fostering financial inclusion and advancing the digital economy, this partnership will empower businesses across multiple markets with innovative payment solutions.

Amnah Ajmal, Executive Vice President Market Development, EEMEA at Mastercard, highlighted the company’s mission to connect and power an inclusive, digital economy, stating: “SimpliFi’s mission to democratize payments aligns with our objectives and we look forward to working with the company on equipping businesses with innovative payment solutions that will allow them to participate in digital commerce while fostering financial inclusion across the region.”

Commenting on the partnership, Ali Amin Sattar, Founder and CEO of SimpliFi, expressed his excitement saying: “Mastercard has been at the forefront of innovation, actively supporting fintech companies and businesses in bringing new customer-centric payment solutions to market with speed and ease. We are delighted to partner with Mastercard, as this association will enable our clients across the region to leverage the company’s extensive suite of products and global infrastructure.”

Mastercard and SimpliFi are poised to drive digital payment innovation, offering businesses enhanced access to secure, simple, and smart payment solutions that will fuel their participation in the digital commerce landscape while promoting financial inclusion across the region.