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Press Release.

Skiplino, an award-winning Bahrain-based intelligent crowd management software company, has achieved an outstanding milestone, serving over 50 million tickets worldwide. The system issued tickets across thousands of branches and operations in over 30 countries.

The 50 million record number of ticket sales has saved individuals an incredible amount of time – approximately 350 years. This comes after Skiplino celebrated reaching 20 million clients serviced in 2021, a milestone that took only two years to more than double. 

Skiplino has grown tremendously since its inception, leveraging innovative technology to enable service providers to instantly analyse client flow, in accordance with the Kingdom’s digital transformation goals to provide more robust and responsible digital solutions across society.

Skiplino’s Senior Customer Success Manager, Qasim Al Khuzaie, reflected on this success, saying, “It is with great pride to announce this monumental milestone, a key tribute to Skiplino’s unwavering success in providing its users with the best in-class crowd management solution. We recognize that businesses are continuously striving to provide their customers with exceptional experiences, and this is the foundation of our purpose. This demonstrates the significant transition of organisations to incorporate digital solutions into their operations, as well as the shift in client demands toward offering easy and personalised experiences. Such a breakthrough would not have been possible without Skiplino’s devoted team, loyal customer base, partners, and stakeholders, who have all been a vital component of the company’s transformative path.”

“Consistent with our aim of elevating the customer experience to new heights, we will continue to provide our clients with valuable, easy, and incredibly quick methods to schedule appointments.This is a watershed moment in the embrace of unique digital transformation and Fintech,” He added.

The firm has established itself as a leading player in the crowd management system market, collaborating with prominent local, regional, and international corporations across a range of sectors including financial institutions, telecommunications, hospitals, insurance, technology, and many others, providing consumers with technical support and optimising their experience through a seamless, on-the-go digital product that gives them more autonomy in their day-to-day activities. 

Skiplino is the world’s most sophisticated cloud-based crowd management system, with approximately 70 languages across 6 continents. It not only allows businesses to handle customer queues in a smarter and faster manner, but it also monitors queue data in real-time and collects customer feedback via its mobile application. The app seeks to empower both users and organisations by providing an invaluable tool that will ultimately boost efficiency and productivity by minimising wasted time.