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Bahraini startups can now access quality legal advice from experienced professionals for absolutely free. Yes, you read that right — for FREE! This is a new initiative by StartUp Bahrain in collaboration with Legal Advice Middle East, one of the foremost online legal marketplaces in the region.

As part of the partnership, StartUp Bahrain has added a new widget to its website, offering free consultations with legal experts. Users can ask any question so long as it is about legal matters pertaining to a startup.

And adding more to the convenience, startup founders can take advantage of this offering completely anonymously, meaning there’s no need to sign up or register.

In a recent conversation with StartUp Bahrain, Suzanna Kalendzhian, co-founder & CEO of Legal Advice, pointed out that most startups struggle while navigating legal and regulatory issues because of the fact that finding the right lawyer is not always an easy task for up-and-coming businesses.

“Let’s face it, it is not easy to find the right lawyer, the one who you can trust and rely on in your endeavors,” she noted.

The new widget lets users browse answers to the most commonly asked legal/regulation-related questions within the startup ecosystem. If the user can not find the answer they were looking for in the database itself, they can then seek free initial advice from experienced lawyers. Alternatively, they can also hire a lawyer using Legal Advice’s platform at a competitive rate.  

Kalendzhian added: “They [startup owners] also can purchase some standard legal services from participating lawyers at fixed fees with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.”

Operational in 13 countries across the region, Legal Advice Middle East is currently planning on expanding its footprint in the region and beyond while simultaneously enhancing its portfolio by incorporating new services.