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In case you missed it earlier, online learning app Synkers launched a new initiative back in July 2020 to prevent cost being an impediment to quality education. Dubbed “I won’t stop learning”, the new program was a free learning platform for high school students across the GCC.

In other words, it provided free and live tutoring by qualified teachers in SAT (Math and English). The program lasted for three months before it wrapped up in September on a high note, having helped more than 10,000 students across MENA to benefit from quality tutoring. 

For those unfamiliar with the startup, Synkers offers a mobile app that connects learners to highly qualified and experienced private tutors based on several metrics. These include the student’s learning objectives, personality, and preferences. 

The company aspires to evolve into a massive global community for the exchange of knowledge.

Synkers wrapped up the #iwontstoplearning initiative with the following message, “At Synkers, we value education and we believe that with access to the right resources all students can improve their academic performance. Being in the midst of the educational industry during a global pandemic and hearing first hand from parents some of the implications COVID-19 has had on their child’s academic development, we felt the need to do what we can to help out as many high school students as we can.”

It is worth noting here that the startup recently also teamed up with Harvard SAS to organize an interactive live conference called “Education Without Borders.” The purpose of the conference was to help young highschool students in the region to connect with Arab students enrolled in Harvard and other top universities.