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Tamkeen Bahrain (labor fund) has launched the third edition of its “Intelaaq” program to further boost the capabilities of participants including the Bahraini private sector. Like the last two editions, this third instalment of the program is also being conducted in partnership with Bahrain-based MENA Center for Investment.

One of the first-of-its-kind initiatives in Bahrain, the Intelaaq program debuted earlier this April with the vision of building and nurturing skills and capabilities of Bahraini students at a professional level. Additionally, the program also had a special provision for giving participants the exposure to specialized and highly professional fields.

Overall, the program is designed to pick 300 promising university students along with recent graduates from regional and international universities. All the participants will receive extensive professional training before being sent off to work as professional consultants on real-life projects. For this purpose, Intelaaq has tie-ups with several local and global businesses representing different industries.

According to Dr. Ebrahim Mohammed Janahi, the CE of Tamkeen, Intelaaq serves the country’s budding professionals by offering them detailed insights into the day-to-day operations of successful private sector organizations. It enhances their analytical and problem-solving skills while simultaneously teaching them how to be a good team player and work in coalition with fellow team members towards achieving a common goal.

So if you are a recent graduate or university student and willing to be part of Intelaaq to brush up your professional skills, visit the official program website: Alternatively, you can also send your application to